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Peugeot 306
About Peugeot 306


The Peugeot 306 was introduced in 1993 as a 5 door hatchback with 1360cc, 1587cc and 1761cc petrol engines.

In late 1993 the 1905cc (XUD) diesel engine was introduced, in turbocharged and normally aspirated versions.

4 door sedans were introduced in 1994, along with a cabriolet.

A facelift range was launched in 1997, including an estate and 16 valve versions of the 1.8 and 2.0 engines.

All models have independent front suspension and rear semi-independent trailing arm suspension with torsion bars.

Peugeot 306 Rallye
Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Positions

If in doubt about whether a part is the right one for your car, the VIN can help. We may ask you for the VIN number to identify the exact age or model of your car.

The following diagram shows you where to find the VIN number for your Peugeot. It is in two places: attached to the bodyshell on a plate (this may also show other information such as the paint colour) and also stamped into the bodyshell.

Derivatives and Engines

Information common to all Peugeot 306 models:
- Front wheel drive
- 4 cylinder Overhead Cam (OHC)

The following table shows the 306 engine and gearbox derivatives. This may help you identify which part you need.

Model and
Special Editions
Dates VIN Numbers Features Engine
- 1993 on - MA5 Gearbox 1360cc (TU3JP)
- - - MA5 Gearbox 1580cc (TU5JP)
1.8 16v - - BE3-5 Gearbox 1761cc (XU7JP4)
- - - 4HP14 Automatic 1761 (XU7JP)
- - - 4HP14 Automatic 1998cc (XU10J4R)
2.0 16v - - BE3-5 1998cc (XU10J4R)
GTi6 - - BE3-6
6 speed gearbox
1998cc (XU10J4R)
Diesel -   BE3-5 1905cc (XUD9)
Diesel Turbo -   BE3-5 1905cc (XUD9TE)
Diesel Turbo HDI -   BE3-5 1997cc (DW10ATD)

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