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Peugeot 405 Mi16
About Peugeot 405


The Peugeot 405 was introduced in 1987 as a 4 door saloon.

Estates became available in 1988, along with the 1.9 Mi16 version with the 160bhp twin cam 16 valve engine.

1991 saw catalysts gradually introduced along with other detail changes and in 1992. The Mi16 became 2.0 (using an iron block instead of the previous wet liners, 150 bhp catalyst) and incorporated many new features such as wasted spark ignition and variable length inlet manifolds.

The 405 is now a bargain family car, being comfortable, robust and cheap to run. The Mi16 version has superb handling.

All models have independent front suspension and rear semi-independent trailing arm suspension with torsion bars. The 4 wheel drive models run a modified rear suspension which incorporates a self levelling system operated by hydraulic spheres similar to a Citroen BX.

Production ceased in 1995 to make way for the 406.

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Positions

If in doubt about whether a part is the right one for your car, the VIN can help. We may ask you for the VIN number to identify the exact age or model of your car.

The following diagram shows you where to find the VIN number for your Peugeot. It is in two places: attached to the bodyshell on a plate (this may also show other information such as the paint colour) and also stamped into the bodyshell.

Derivatives and Engines

Information common to all Peugeot 405 models:
- Front wheel drive (4 wheel drive models available)
- 4 cylinder Overhead Cam (OHC) or Double Overhead Cam (DOHC)

The following table shows the 405 engine derivatives. This may help you identify which part you need.

Model and
Special Editions
Dates VIN Numbers Features Engine
- - - 1.6 Carburettor 1580cc (XU51C)
- - - 1.6 Injection
1580cc (XU5JP)
- - - 1.8 Injection
1762cc (XU7JP)
- - - 1.9 Carburettor 1905cc (XU92C)
- - 1.9 Injection 8 valve 1905cc (XU9DM)
Mi16 - - 1.9 Injection 16 valve 1905cc (XU9J4)
- - - 2.0 Injection 8 valve
1998cc (XU10J2C)
Le Mans
- - 2.0 Injection 16 valve
1998cc (XU10J4)
Diesel - - 1.9 Diesel 1905cc (XU9/9A)
Turbo Diesel - - 1.7 Turbo Diesel 1769cc (XUD7TE)
Turbo Diesel - - 1.9 Turbo Diesel
1905cc (XUD9TE)

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