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Service Schedule

Peugeot 406
Peugeot 406 - Service Schedule

Here is the Service Schedule for the 406.
It is designed to make it easy for you to see which parts you need for a service.
Note: Peugeot specify the following extended service intervals for the 406:
Petrol - 20,000 (32,000 km) or 2 years (Service A)
Direct Injection Diesel - 12,000 (20,000 km) or 2 years (Service B)
Indirect Injection Diesel - 10,000 (16,000 km) or 2 years (Service C)
However, we recommend you check fluid levels and brake lining wear at more regular intervals.
Service A
Renew engine oil Shopping list:
1. Oil Filter
2. Oil
3. Brake Pads (if worn)
4. Transmission Fluid (Autos Only)
5. Power Steering Fluid*
6. Power Steering Pump Belt* (if worn)
7. Alternator Drive Belt (if worn)
8. Pollen filter* (if clogged)
Renew oil filter
Bleed fuel filter (diesel only)
Check and top up fluid levels (brakes, coolant, screen wash)
Check for underbonnet fluid leaks
Check brake pads for wear and renew if necessary
Check and adjust tension/replace auxilliary drive belts
Check lights, indicators, glass, horn, washer jets, wiper blades
Check handbrake adjustment
Check hydraulic circuits, hoses and covers
Check rubber boots and gaiters
Check tyres including spare
Check pollen filter*
Check exhaust emission and fault code memory
Service B
In addition to the items in Service A: Shopping list
1. Items as Service A
2. Spark Plugs
3. Fuel Filter
4. Gearbox Oil (manual only)
Renew spark plugs
Renew fuel filter (element only on diesel models)
Check, adjust and lubricate throttle cable
Check gearbox oil level (manual box only)
Check and unblock door and sill drain holes/channels
Service C
In addition to the items in Service A and B: Shopping list:
1. Items as Service A and B
2. Air Filter
3. Brake shoes* (if worn)
4. Gearbox Oil or Auto Transmission Fluid
5. Suspension components as necessary
Renew air filter
Renew the gearbox oil or auto transmission fluid
Check hubs, links rods, ball joints and flexible mountings
Check shock absorbers for operation and leaks
Check rear drum brake linings for wear
Every 36,000 Miles (58,000 km) - Additional
Renew the brake fluid  
Every 50,000 Miles (80,000 km) - Additional
Renew the timing belt  
Every 72,000 Miles (116,000 km) - Additional
Renew the coolant  
* if applicable
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