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Frequently Asked Questions - Rolling Roads

Why Use A Rolling Road?

If you have modified your engine, you will need to have it properly set up. This includes the fuelling, ignition advance and cam timing.

The only way to do this is on a rolling road, where the engine can be set up at various load and speed levels. You will also be able to see how much power your engine is making and identify any areas for future improvement.

You may just want to know that your standard engine is making standard power and that there are no problems to sort out.

Prepare Your Car
Rolling roads normally charge by the hour, so being as prepared as possible will save you money. Make sure everything on your car works properly:

1. Fill up with petrol
2. Check tyre pressures (rolling roads can wear tyres quickly, especially if the pressures are low)
3. Check oil and coolant levels
4. Make sure the rolling road is familiar with and has the equipment to handle your cars ECU
Directory of Rolling Roads

Emerald Cams
Fax: 0207 737 7611
Phone: 0207 737 7114

Sun Rolling Road
M3D Management Systems


Owen Developments
01865 820580
01865 821062
Rectory Lane Trading Estate
Kingston Bagpuize
Nr Abingdon

Engine Tuning and Management Diagnostics
Diagnostic Centre
Performance Testing
Unichip Dealer
Lumenition Programming Centre
Full Workshop Facilities

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