Sport Exhaust Systems for Peugeot  
Performance Exhausts
Pugspares are pleased to offer a range of Sports Exhaust Systems especially designed for your Peugeot. Theses high quality systems are engineered to give sporty looks and improved engine performance.

Perfect fitting
All aluminised exhausts are designed to fit with precision and each exhaust is supplied with a fitting kit.

Stainless tailpipes
Stainless steel tailpipes are rolled inwards and most include a damping insert for a sporty sound.

Lockseamed joints
Aluminised exhausts are lockseamed jointed to provide increased flexibility. High grade aluminised steel and mandrel bent pipework justify these products as some of the best high quality performance exhausts available.

Choosing the correct part
We have included designated ‘info boxes’ to help choosing the correct part number for the correct application.

Model: 106 Parts:
Engine: 1.4i XR/XT/XS/XSi 1st box: 09-3
Year: 91-95 1st pipe: 09-4
Tailpipes: Single round 80mm Rear box: 09-5
Fitting: Fits to catalytic converter Fit Kit: 09-MH
Pipe: 63.5mm or 2.5"  
Please note that individual parts cannot be fitted to a standard system. They are designed to fit as a complete exhaust system.

Universal parts
Exhaust component parts are required when original parts are either difficult to locate, expensive to buy or when an exhaust with straight through boxes is needed to reduce backpressure.

When building an exhaust system, it is important to buy parts that give good damping effects and flow characteristics in order to obtain the best performance from the engine.

With the Universal range, it is possible to construct a performance exhaust with suitable angled pieces and silencer boxes – available in 2-inch, 2.5 inch and 3-inch.

For competition use, it is necessary to consider noise regulations. The 2.5-inch and 3-inch absorption boxes are well insulated with wire wool around the centre tubing to ensure that the insulation does not burn out and raise noise levels.

All dimensions are outside diameter.

Sports Back Boxes From Laser
A range of performance back boxes designed to seriously improve the performance and style of any car. Choose from the original ‘Deeptone’ range made from T409 stainless steel, or the new ‘F1’ range made from T321 titanium re-enforced stainless steel.

We also offer a range of great looking tailpipes.

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